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Artist Profile: Maurizio

Artist Profile: Maurizio

Welcome to the creative world of Maurizio, a masterful artist whose journey has been shaped by the picturesque village of Castelli. Born on May 10, 1952, in this small Italian village, Maurizio's artistic story is one of transformation, inspiration, and deep-rooted connection to his homeland. Since the age of 18, he has dedicated his craft to painting ceramics with exceptional attention to detail. Today, you'll discover his one-of-a-kind art adorning our fishplates, cups, and various ceramics.

(Family and Roots) Maurizio's family background is firmly grounded in farming, a tradition that has thrived in Castelli for generations. However, the allure of art and the prosperity of the village sparked a different flame within him. He discovered a passion for history and art during his school days, guided by inspiring teachers who encouraged him to take a new path. This led him to the Art School of Castelli, where he embarked on his creative journey. Though no one in his family had a background in art, the existence of an exceptional art school in Castelli altered Maurizio's perspective. The visionary teachers of the 1960s left a profound impact on him, having created masterpieces like the third ceiling for the Triennale in Milan and a renowned Christmas crib that traveled the world for exhibitions.

(Life in Castelli) The rhythm of life in Castelli, a village that tirelessly met market demands, left its mark on Maurizio. The need to produce art in quantity and modernise techniques and materials influenced the village's artistic direction. Looking back, Maurizio believes that retaining a sense of individuality, exploring new methods, and nurturing a vision for the future might have yielded different results. Maurizio's work is also profoundly influenced by Árgillarte, a project deeply rooted in the history and art of Castelli, serving as a reminder of the uniqueness that has been gradually lost over the years.

(Art and Creativity) To Maurizio, art and creativity are a constant quest to unearth the uncharted, a journey that involves bringing into existence that which has never been before. When he is in the process of creating art, Maurizio feels a sense of relaxation and personal expression, finding peace in these moments. His faithful companion, Molly the dog, is a constant source of company and inspiration.

(Other Joys and Interests) Beyond art, Maurizio has a profound love for history and enjoys watching travel series on television. He is captivated by distant places, although he rarely leaves his beloved village. The one place he dreams of visiting is Australia, drawn by its mystique and the Aboriginal art that has left a lasting imprint on him. His hobbies include spending time with his dog Molly and indulging in his love for cooking. He cherishes his role as a grandfather to his only grandchild.

(Musical Tastes) Maurizio enjoys the music of Italian Cantautori while working on his art. It provides a backdrop for his creativity and keeps his artistic inspiration flowing. When you enter his workspace, you'll often hear him whistling along to the music, with his dog Molly sitting by his side.

(Creative Routines) Maurizio's creative process is imbued with a sense of tradition and history. He believes in maintaining the uniqueness and quality of his work, refusing to compromise for quantity. This dedication and love for his craft are reflected in every one-of-a-kind piece he creates paints.

(Morning Rituals) His day begins with a trip to the local café, savouring a short espresso and carrying a "brioche with marmalade" for later in the morning. It's a cherished ritual that sets the tone for his day.

(Inspirations and Influences) The first ceiling of the church of San Donato is a significant influence on Maurizio's art, serving as a beacon of inspiration. He finds motivation in the works of both historical and contemporary artists, as they continue to shape his artistic journey.

(Future Aspirations) Looking ahead, Maurizio aims to allow his art pieces to "become" over time, giving them the space they need to evolve and flourish. His goal is to maintain the essence of time in his creations, a reflection of the beauty of the past in the present.

(Advice for Aspiring Artists) To young and aspiring artists, Maurizio offers sage advice. He urges them never to stop being curious and to embrace the courage to be different. The lessons he imparts are invaluable: always prioritise quality, uniqueness, and invest time and love into your work. These values will shine through and reflect your passion for what you do.

(Closing Thoughts) Maurizio's artistic journey stands as a testament to the deep intertwining of creativity and heritage. His creations breathe life into the essence of Castelli and exemplify the spirit of evolution across eras. Within his artistry, one uncovers a seamless blend of tradition, innovation, and an appreciation for the ever-changing beauty of life.

Respecting the artist's privacy, they have chosen not to disclose their last name.

Words and photography by Nadia Whitehurst