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Artist Profile: Marcello

Artist Profile: Marcello

Meet Marcello, an artist whose journey is deeply intertwined with the enchanting village of Castelli. Born on February 18, 1982, in Giulianova, Marcello spent his entire life in Castelli until the second earthquake of 2016. When his family home in Castelli had to be closed down for safety reasons, he moved just outside the village.

(Family and Roots) Marcello’s artistic roots run deep within his family. His father, a gifted blacksmith, found himself assisting ceramists with their tools, and soon, he was crafting specialised instruments for local workshops and then expanded into selling colours to artists and workshops in the region. Marcello’s mother was a seamstress, adding another layer of creativity to his upbringing. They lived in Via Carmine Gentile, the medieval entrance of Castelli, a street teeming with life, art, and camaraderie. It was a place where everyone looked out for one another, creating a vibrant, close-knit community.

(Life in Castelli) Growing up in Castelli, Marcello was surrounded by art and beauty, and he cherishes the village as a place where the entire community thrived through art. The rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes of Castelli have profoundly shaped his artistic style, even though he identifies more as a technician than a painter. His love for working with clay and hands has been a driving force behind his creations.

(Art and Creativity) Art to Marcello is a world of technicality, involving chemistry, geometry, and math. It's a fusion of science and art, and his fascination with these aspects has been nurtured by exceptional teachers in art history and the Italian language. The process of creating art engrosses Marcello, keeping him focused on the pursuit of perfection.

(Other Joys and Interests) Beyond art, Marcello's passions include soccer and cooking, often enjoyed with friends. These pursuits offer him a break from the workshop and a chance to connect with others.

(Musical Tastes) While working in his studio, Marcello immerses himself in the melodies of Italian cantautori like Lucio Dalla, Pino Daniele, Lucio Battisti, Fabrizio De André, and Francesco de Gregori. He prefers a quiet environment to maintain his concentration.

(Favorite Dish) In Castelli, his favourite dishes include ‘Tacconelle colle voliche’ (fresh pasta with wild spinach) as the main course, and for dessert, he enjoys fritti di latte and pizza dolce, a typical Castellan cake or almond creme. Marcello has a sweet tooth.

(Creative Routines) Marcello's creative process starts early in the morning, around 4 am, when he finds solitude and maximum productivity. This unadulterated time in his workshop helps him concentrate without interruptions. To overcome creative blocks or challenges, he turns to nature. He takes strolls in the mountains, goes fishing, or plays soccer to refresh his mind.

(Morning Rituals) A typical morning for Marcello includes an espresso before leaving the house. The again at 6 am, he heads to a nearby café, where he enjoys his second coffee along with a cigarette and a brioche with marmalade.

(Inspirations and Influences) Marcello draws inspiration from the elements of light and water, which he incorporates into his work through colours, forms, and objects. Castelli’s are school teachers from the 50s and 60s left an indelible mark on him with their open-minded approach.

(Artistic Achievements) In 2018, Marcello achieved a significant milestone by winning the "Art in Act" award. He is also regularly invited by foundations to enter his art pieces for competitions.

(Future Aspirations) Marcello’s future goals are simple yet profound. He aims to continually improve his craft and is particularly keen on bringing light to ceramics through his unique lamp designs.

(Advice for Aspiring Artists) For aspiring artists, Marcello's advice is to persist and remain free from rigid structures. He emphasises the importance of making mistakes and learning from them.

(Closing Thoughts) In parting, Marcello reminds us that life has its own course and can lead you to unexpected places. His artistic journey is a testament to this truth. To connect with Marcello and view his exquisite artwork, reach out through his preferred channels. As a dedicated artist, Marcello is an embodiment of Castelli's beauty, its creative spirit, and the enduring power of art. His work is a testament to the deep connections that art forms within a community, and his commitment to mastering his craft is an inspiration for all aspiring artists.

Respecting the artist's privacy, they have chosen not to disclose their last name.

Words and photography by Nadia Whitehurst